What is BEST?

Business Economic Sustainability Tracker is a dashboard developed by LPEM FEB UI for data aggregation on economics, social, and environmental indicators.

The path to recovery following the devastation brought upon by the covid-19 pandemic gave a chance to indonesia for developments with sustainability in mind.

Thus, to measure the progress of said development a tracker that observe economics, social, and environmental indicators in Indonesia becomes a necessity.

However, Indonesia’s current data landscape is scattered and not readily available for interpretation.

These data also came in different formats which made the task even more arduous.

Furthermore, The lack of visualization from current data sources made it difficult for general public to interpret which made them unsuitable in promoting Indonesia's progress towards a more data literate society.

Our Purpose

BEST aims to provide a one-stop data center on Indonesia’s economic, social, and environmental indicators.

On a silver platter, this data will be served with easy-to-digest temporal and spatial visualization, a reworkable format, and a far-reaching timeseries.

BEST also aspires to provide the most recent data that can be acquired on said indicators.

Under the philosophy of agglomeration economies which produce positive externalities, we believe that BEST will

  • Be useful for academics and researchers alike to produce literatures on Indonesia’s sustainable development
  • Be a tool for policy formulation and evaluation
  • Be accessible and inclusive to general public as a source of information and insights

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